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exrTrader (Pro) User Manual



exrTrader 2018 is compatible with LightWave 3D 2018 on Windows and MacOS.


What's New

Major additions or changes in exrTrader 2018.

Release History

Release history for the 2018 series of exrTrader.

Setting up exrTrader

exrTrader – OpenEXR Layered Export

This is the main plugin. It allows you to export any of the render buffers provided by LightWave into a single, or multiple OpenEXR files. OpenEXR is a quite complex image file format. The user interface of exrTrader provides full access to the options provided by the image format. From the top to the bottom it is basically divided into four areas.

The top covers basic workflow options, as well as global options for the exported image files.

The Layered Output tab controls where the images are saved and how they will be named.

The Cryptomatte tab is only available if you have an exrTrader Pro license. This controls all Cryptomatte related settings.

The Metadata tab contains options for­ metadata stored with the image files, such as a preview image, or a comment.

The middle section, starting with the Buffer pop-up, contains the controls for the individual buffers.

The ­bottom section includes the About… button to quickly check the version number and Review Settings… which gives you a quick overview of the applied settings and also highlights potential problems with the applied settings.

The individual controls are detailed in the following sections:

General workflow options
Show Buffers Preview (Image Viewer)
Layered Output
Cryptomatte (exrTrader Pro only)
Review / About

Other plugins

We have included a few more plugins in exrTrader:

Basic OpenEXR Loader and Saver Plugins
These are designed to replace the various native OpenEXR savers (and the loader)

Special Plugins
This includes a special saver plugin designed for render controllers as well as various plugins that allow the mapping of exrTrader to shortcuts or buttons in the LW user interface.



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