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Show Buffers Preview (Image Viewer)

VIPER, which was used by exrTrader to preview buffers, has been removed from LightWave 3D. This is why we added a custom viewer for rendered buffers.

Title Bar

The title bar of the window displays:

  • The name of the current buffer
  • The way it is saved
  • The pixel data type (when saved as an OpenEXR image)
  • The extent of the data window of the current buffer
  • The values of a picked pixel if the user has clicked on the image



Selects a different buffer to view.


Selects a single channel, or all channels, to view.


Toggles the processing of the buffer. This uses the settings of the processing tab of the buffer.


Normalises the view. Basically this makes sure that the pixel values within the image are completely distributed in the visible range.


Allows the selection of a different colour space. By default, the Display colour space is used.


Changes the zoom factor of the image


Toggles automatic fitting of the image to the viewer. Even if the window is resized. The image will be made to fit proportionally, leaving blank space if required.

Keyboard Shortcuts

F1Displays the help window
↑ / ↓ Previous / next buffer
alt-LMB, MMBPan the image
ctrl-LMB, <Scrollwheel>Zoom
+, -Zoom in / out
0Reset the Zoom to 100%
fToggle fitting the image to the view
r,g,b,aOnly display the respective channel
cDisplay all channels
nNormalise the view
xToggle transparency
pToggle processing
LMBDisplay the colour values of the pixel under the mouse in the title bar
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