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General workflow options

Save in Layout

This setting determines how exrTrader will save images while rendering in Layout. exrTrader will always save images when rendering on lwsn based render nodes.

Always (F9+F10)

Images will always be saved by exrTrader when rendering in Layout.

Only Sequences (F10)

Images will only be saved by exrTrader if the current render is a sequence render (F10)

Never (lwsn only)

exrTrader will never save images when rendering in Layout. However, it will still save when rendering on a, lwsn based, render node.

Store all Buffers (F9)

exrTrader can display all buffers using a built-in image viewer after an initial render with exrTrader applied to the scene. The amount of memory required depends on the amount of buffers, the image size as well as the Preview Scale.

By default, only the selected buffers are stored in memory for the preview. If you wish to assess all buffers, this option will request all available buffers from LightWave 3D during a render and store them in RAM.

This option is only effective for a single frame render (F9), since it can slow down final renders dramatically in some cases.

This setting has no effect when rendering on a render node.

Show Buffers Preview...

This button opens or closes the built-in image viewer.

Preview Scale

This percentage defines how much the buffers are scaled down for preview purposes only. Since they will all be stored in memory after render, they can use a few GBs given a large amount of buffers and high render resolution.

Output Path

This defines the base path for all written images. You can either use the path defined by LightWave 3D or select your own.

You can only select an output path if Use Prefs Render Path is not activated.

Use Prefs Render Path

If you select this option, exrTrader will use the output file defined in the Lightwave3D render globals.

This option is quite important if used across a render farm in conjunction with the OpenEXR Dummy Saver, described later in this manual.

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