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The metadata section of the interface allows you to store some additional information within your images.

Please feel free to contact us at support@db-w.com if you require other metadata to be stored with your OpenEXR files.

In addition to the metadata exposed by the user interface, exrTrader will also save the information listed in Supported Metadata as metadata in your image files.

Embed Preview

Select this option to save a small preview image within the OpenEXR image files. This will be saved as 8bit data.

Scale / Width / Height

This option defines the scale of the preview image. You may select any of the pre-defined percentages, or Custom Size to manually enter a Height and Width for the preview image.


Here you can enter a comment that will be stored within the OpenEXR files saved by exrTrader


You can use this control to enter the name of the person that created the images rendered with exrTrader in this scene. The name will be stored in the image files as the “owner”.

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