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We recommend removing any previous versions in the LightWave 3D plug-in editor and re-adding the current one to make sure that all new plugins are available.

Version 2021.05.30

  • Various additions and fixes for the Transform Deformer:
    • Added a Strength value for the transformation as well as the components.
    • Fixed the transformation in world coordinates.
    • If no weight map is applied to a vertex, the weight is set to 0% for evaluation purposes.
    • Fixed the transformation order on local coordinates (rotation and translation were swapped).

Version 2021.05.26

  • Added the preview build for the Transform Deformer. It can be considered feature complete except for interactive handles missing completely.

Version 2021.05.13

  • The last build destroyed the GUI for the Triplanar Texture mapping node. This build restores it.
  • The Triplanar mapping for the Texture Repetition node was never saved properly. Now it is.

Version 2021.05.08

  • Added the initial implementation of the Projection Ex system: Projection Ex
  • Added a Normal Multi-Mixer node.
  • Fixed an issue where spline control points wouldn't follow nulls in world coordinates.

Version 2021.03.07

  • Fixed an issue where the Wheel Rotation node wouldn't rotate the wheel without a cache
  • Fixed an issue in the Material Multi-Mixer, materials weren't mixed properly
  • Made sure that no negative numbers can be entered for the S-Tk spline display steps.

Version 2021.02.16

  • Updates to the Scratch node:
    • On macOS, it always assumed it was on a scratch.
    • Added the Variation inputs and controls.
    • Made various scratch parameters even more random
    • Tweaked the Rotation output to allow for full rotations.

Version 2021.02.15

  • Includes the first build of the Scratch node, out Plugin of the Month for Februrary 2021

Version 2021.02.08

  • Small GUI clean up in the Wheel Rotation GUI.
  • Changed the link to the wiki for the Wheel Rotation Control generic plugin.
  • Added the first version of the Texture Repetition node.
  • Updated the documentation for the Wheel Rotation plugins, added docs for the Texture Repetition node.

Version 2021.02.01

  • The first release for 2021 - yay!
  • Finally for the updated Wheel Rotation node to work and it's been a struggle. Please consider this as a preview build.
    • add Align option - this requires the wheel to be build so -Z is forward and the axle is along the X axis.
    • Align works if the wheel moves forward as well as if it moves backwards.
    • add a cache (needs to be updated manually if anything that would influence the wheel position changes)
    • add saving and loading of the cache (optionally, equivalent to baking it)
    • added a generic plugin to control all Wheel Rotation plugins in a scene
    • updated the included menu branch to include the “Wheel Rotation…” generic
    • still needs testing, the Motion Modifier and Channel Modifier versions will follow.

Older Releases

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