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Legacy versions

Version 2.1

  • The Tint Strength input in the Simple Colour Corrector Node was of the colour type, but should be a scalar.
  • Added Material Tweaker
  • The blending modes in the Material Blender were not processed correctly. Please note that this is a breaking change if either the modes or the opacity were used.
  • The min/max nodal inputs of the Remap node were swapped. This is a breaking change.

Version 2.0

  • Added Ratio node to split a value according to a percentage
  • Added “Luminance Gamma” to the Simple Colour Corrector. This changes the gamma on the luminance channel preserving both hue and saturation.
  • Added “Clamp Output” option to the Simple Colour Corrector. This limits the output to the range from 0.0 to 1.0
  • Fixed a potential crash in the Simple Colour Corrector if a negative value made it through to gamma changes
  • Added “No Radiosity Reflectivity” to Schlick's, causing it to set the reflectivy to 0% for all rays that sample radiosity
  • Speed up to the Cache node
  • The “Clamp” option wasn't copied with the Remap node

Version 1.9a

  • fixed a crash in “Revenge of the Lenscap”

Version 1.9

  • Added Schlick's Approximation
  • Fixed various issues when nodes were used in Modeler

Version 1.8

  • fixed compatibility issues with the pixel filter in LW10
  • fixed an issue with the Cache node when rendering using VPR in LW10
  • Added a Scene Comment master plugin (It requires TextWrangler as well as the matching command line tools to be installed on OSX)
  • Added the (experimental) StickyFrontUV node which can create front projection UVs for compositing.
    Those stick to the item if it is transformed. Deformations are not supported.
  • Added a Colour Space node to convert from one colour space to another (LW10 only)
  • Added a Colour Space Converter Generic plug-in to convert from one colour space to another (LW10 only)
    You can copy and paste colour values throughout LW using the following shortcuts (on the colour swatches):
Shift-RMB : Copy
Ctrl-RMB : Paste

Version 1.7

  • Added the DepthLimiter Pixel filter. It clamps the maximum distance stored in the depth buffer to increase the quality of depth Anti-aliasing.

Version 1.6a

  • The Cache node didn't cache due to a change in code. Now it does - again.

Version 1.6

  • Added Illuminance option and function input to the Single Light Lambert node
  • Added Remap node
  • Fixed an issue with the single light illumination node in Modeler
  • Added PPC 64-bit to the OSX version

Version 1.5a

  • fixed an issue with the simple colour corrector image filter not using the values entered by the user
  • initial 64-bit OSX version

Version 1.5

  • Added Sequence node
  • Added “Revenge of the Lenscap” image viewer (Please be careful with that one!)
  • various extensions to existing nodes
  • various bug fixes
  • added on-line documentation at http://tools.db-w.com/

Version 1.4

  • Added Extended Spot Info Node
  • Added Time Info Node

Version 1.3b

  • Removed the preview from the Cache node due to obscure crashes with third party nodes (SG_AmbOcc to be precise)
  • Added a “Pass Through” option to the Cache Node to quickly disable it
  • The Scalar Booster wasn't added to LightWave 3D properly, please re-add the plugin to get it.

Version 1.3a

  • fixed a crash bug in the Cache Node related to multi-threading
  • fixed an issue in the Material Blender
  • fixed Modeler issues in the booster nodes as well as the cache node

Version 1.3

  • Further speed improvements to the material blender node
  • Four new nodes: Cache, Material Booster, Colour Booster and Scalar Booster

Version 1.2

  • Speed ups to the material blender if the opacity is 0%
  • Added Channel Blender and Single Light Illumination Nodes.

Version 1.1b

  • fixes a bug that made the Material Blender unuseable for … materials :( *sigh*
  • fixes a bug that caused the 32bit version of the Notifier to crash on Vista x64

Version 1.1a

  • fixes a bug that only affects the Material Blender for OSX-CFM, the other plugins have not changed.

Version 1.0

  • initial release
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