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We recommend removing any previous versions in the LightWave 3D plug-in editor and re-adding the current one to make sure that all new plugins are available.

Version 2021.10.28

  • Added “After IK” as an option to the spline motion modifier.
  • Fixed an issue in the spline motion modifier where it wouldn't evaluate knots attached to nulls properly.
  • Add the first build of the Second Unit master plugin. Please get back to use with ideas of which other settings you'd like to store per camera. Render buffers will be coming next.

Version 2021.10.15

  • Fixed an issues with the Spline Tools (and possible other items) due to changes made in the Animation Channel support code for the Spline Morph Deformer.

Version 2021.10.12

  • Fixed an issue in the Spline Morph Deformer where 100% in a non-closed spline looped
  • Now the Spline Morph Deformer is included in the Mac build as well. D'oh.

Version 2021.10.07a

  • Fixed an issues in the Spline Morph Deformer where it would crash when added to an item without points (such as a null object).
  • Deactivated the Preview by default for the Spline Morph Deformer.

Version 2021.10.07

  • Finally got the preview release of the Spline Morph deformer done. There is also a sample scene in the content.
  • Worked on fixing issues with the distribution script when patching non-ascii characters into the Windows binaries.

Version 2021.07.04

  • Fixed an issue where the (hidden) Instance Picker Master Plugin would disable all other gizmos used by LW, such as those used to move items.

Version 2021.07.03

  • Fixed an issue where the settings of the Multi-Variable node weren't copied.
  • Fixed the channel path for the Channel Reference Node
  • Tried to make the channel picker for the Channel Reference node resizeable - but LightWave 3D said: No!

Version 2021.06.25

  • Added the first version of the Channel Reference node.

Version 2021.06.04

  • Fixed an issues with the scale not being evaluated properly in the Transform Deformer once the strength was added.
  • Changed the order of transformations in the Transform Deformer to meet expectations.

Version 2021.06.02

  • Added a Strength % to the Normal map output of the PBR Set node
  • Fixed an issue of the code signed .plugin crashin on macOS. Unfortunately this also removes the personalised thank you message from the about panel. Basically, patching the .plugin to insert the patron name after the plugin has been code signed caused the issue.

Version 2021.05.30

  • Various additions and fixes for the Transform Deformer:
    • Added a Strength value for the transformation as well as the components.
    • Fixed the transformation in world coordinates.
    • If no weight map is applied to a vertex, the weight is set to 0% for evaluation purposes.
    • Fixed the transformation order on local coordinates (rotation and translation were swapped).

Version 2021.05.26

  • Added the preview build for the Transform Deformer. It can be considered feature complete except for interactive handles missing completely.

Version 2021.05.13

  • The last build destroyed the GUI for the Triplanar Texture mapping node. This build restores it.
  • The Triplanar mapping for the Texture Repetition node was never saved properly. Now it is.

Version 2021.05.08

  • Added the initial implementation of the Projection Ex system: Projection Ex
  • Added a Normal Multi-Mixer node.
  • Fixed an issue where spline control points wouldn't follow nulls in world coordinates.

Version 2021.03.07

  • Fixed an issue where the Wheel Rotation node wouldn't rotate the wheel without a cache
  • Fixed an issue in the Material Multi-Mixer, materials weren't mixed properly
  • Made sure that no negative numbers can be entered for the S-Tk spline display steps.

Version 2021.02.16

  • Updates to the Scratch node:
    • On macOS, it always assumed it was on a scratch.
    • Added the Variation inputs and controls.
    • Made various scratch parameters even more random
    • Tweaked the Rotation output to allow for full rotations.

Version 2021.02.15

  • Includes the first build of the Scratch node, out Plugin of the Month for Februrary 2021

Version 2021.02.08

  • Small GUI clean up in the Wheel Rotation GUI.
  • Changed the link to the wiki for the Wheel Rotation Control generic plugin.
  • Added the first version of the Texture Repetition node.
  • Updated the documentation for the Wheel Rotation plugins, added docs for the Texture Repetition node.

Version 2021.02.01

  • The first release for 2021 - yay!
  • Finally for the updated Wheel Rotation node to work and it's been a struggle. Please consider this as a preview build.
    • add Align option - this requires the wheel to be build so -Z is forward and the axle is along the X axis.
    • Align works if the wheel moves forward as well as if it moves backwards.
    • add a cache (needs to be updated manually if anything that would influence the wheel position changes)
    • add saving and loading of the cache (optionally, equivalent to baking it)
    • added a generic plugin to control all Wheel Rotation plugins in a scene
    • updated the included menu branch to include the “Wheel Rotation…” generic
    • still needs testing, the Motion Modifier and Channel Modifier versions will follow.

Older Releases

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