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We recommend removing any previous versions in the LightWave 3D plug-in editor and re-adding the current one to make sure that all new plugins are available.

Version 2020.08.04

  • Final release version of the Polygon Picker - no changes except for the label of the release
  • Fixed the Render Audio Notifier (Windows only) which broke when Lightwav.exe was renamed to Layout.exe (quite some time ago ;) ).

Version 2020.07.24

  • Fixed a crash in the Polygon Picker that would occur if it was launched but there was no settings file.

Version 2020.07.20

  • Added the first version of the Polygon Picker and added docs (Polygon Picker)
    • There's still a known issue with some meshes not being picked up correctly. We'd appreciate sample scenes if you encounter that issue as well.
  • Added a Plugin to open the start page of the db&w Tools wiki from Layout: (db&w Tools Documentation)
  • Updated the included menu configuration branch (dbwTools.cfg) to include the latest plugins.

Version 2020.07.14

  • Added the final version of the UV Transform tool and updated the wiki (UV Transform)
    • This is feature complete for now, but I will change implementation details based on user requests if required.
    • Again, sorry for the delay. But once I managed to untangle the main issue I was having, it was fairly smooth sailing.

Version 2020.07.01

  • Added the initial UV Transform tool as a preview.
    • as mentioned in the video, a few things are missing
    • click on the corner handles to scale, shift-click to scale the opposite corner as well
    • click on the edge handle to scale along the respective axis, shift-click to scale the opposite edge as well.
    • click on the cross in the middle to move, ctrl-click to snap to the most prominent axis
    • click on the far right handle to scale everything along the centre, ctrl-click to scale proportionally
    • rotation has been dropped for now
    • fit opens a window where the UVs can be fit to the 0..1 space either proportionally or by stretching.
    • if the centre is currently outside of the 0..1 uv range, the fitting will be within the current UDIM tile as determined by the centre position.
    • the viewports don't update while the “Fit…” panel is open.
    • You can also use the four numeric values to manually enter a range to fit to.

Version 2020.05.08

  • Audio Frequency Tools, made sure they load into Modeler as well (i.e. if applied to a surface)
  • Fixed an issue of some tools crashing on Windows in LW 2018/2019
  • Fixed the sample content to load properly into LW 2018/2019

Version 2020.05.06

  • Audio Frequency Tools
    • Package Scene support for the Audio Frequency Tools
    • Proper error handling if an audio file can't be found when loading, including an option to replace the file
    • Fixed cosmetic issues when rendering the audio spectrum, also changed the colour distribution
  • The Channel Blender “Length” output didn't work.

Version 2020.05.27

  • The macOS 2020 version didn't include the channel modifier. Now it does.
  • Removed the thumbnail from the node since it caused drawing issues in other thumbnails.
  • Changed the current time evaluation for the spectrum preview in the node to not take the nodal evaluation into account since it caused problems.

Version 2020.05.26

  • Added the Audio Frequency channel modifier
  • Updated the docs in the wiki
  • Added three sample scenes using the Audio Frequency node and channel modifier

Version 2020.05.25

  • Fixes and changes to the Audio Frequency Node:
    • time blend fixed
    • audio offset fixed in the node spectrum previews
    • first waveform output fixed (it worked for the channels)
    • audio files not being removed on a scene clear fixed
    • audio file references are now saved as content relative paths if possible
    • Consolidate the Frequency Mode and Range Mode selection into one, old saves are converted when loading
    • Changing relevant values in the node editor GUI will now sync the Picker if appropriate.

Version 2020.05.22

  • The Audio Frequency Node is now feature complete:
    • Added the Frequency Picker window
    • Added the Frequency Range Mode
    • Added Interpolation
    • Added the Time Range modes
    • Added “Easy” outputs (from Bass to High)
    • Added separate outputs for individual channels in the audio file
    • Added Waveform outputs (from -1.0 to 1.0)

Version 2020.04.29

  • Included builds for LightWave 3D 2020.
  • Added the first version of the Audio Frequency node. For now, only single frequencies can be picked.
  • Fixed a crash bug in the Spline Tookit that occured is a Spline was deleted.
  • Fixed the bounding box calculation for the Spline Deformer Modifier

Version 2020.03.22

  • Fixed multiple issues in the Elbow node including loading and saving as well as flushing unused connections.
  • Fixed an issue in the Multi-Variables node with the Boolean.
  • Fixed an issue in the Oscillator node where the Channel Mode was not accessible.
  • Stay home, stay safe, stay healthy.

Version 2020.03.16

  • Added the new Multi-Variables Node. Right click on the node to add Variables via the node menu.
  • Added the new Elbow Node. Right click on the node to remove pass throughs again.
  • Neither has been documented in the wiki yet, but will be throughout the day.

Version 2020.03.02

  • Fixed a GUI bug in the Oscillator node
  • Fixed an issue in the DoF Helper where the “Pick Depth” button in the camera viewport could not be activated.
  • Added options to enable/disable editing the Focal Length and F-Stop in the DoF Helper, added limits for the F-Stop
  • Added additional nodal inputs to the Triplanar Mapping node.

Version 2020.02.18

  • Added the preview release of the Oscillator Node, Oscillator Node
  • Added a Length and Normalised output to the Channel Blender node.
  • Fixed the Preset location for the db&w Spline Primitive which used a wrong directory previously. You'll need to manually copy existing presets if you've created any.

Version 2020.02.02

  • Added the db&w Spline Deformer modifier, which is available directly in the object properties. It is identical to the deformer, but a little bit faster as well.
  • Fixed a few minor issues
  • Couldn't resist to release today due to the date.

Version 2020.01.29

  • The Spline Deformer node is feature complete, World Coordinates and the Reference Item work as well now.
  • A Spline Displacement Modifier, to be used directly in the Object panel, will be added in the next few days.
  • Minor tweaks to the Spline Deformer node.
  • Added the documentation for dbwOpenDir and the Spline Deformer node.
  • Updated the db&w Tools Menu branch (dbwTools.cfg)

Version 2020.01.24

  • Preview Build
  • This build includes the first version of the Spline Deformer node. World Coordinates and the Reference Object are currently not supported.
  • “dbwOpenDir” has been included as well, this generic plugin opens the LW Settings directory in Explorer/Finder by default, but can also open other directories.

Version 2019.12.18

  • Added the first changes to the Spline Toolkit:
    • Add the option to evaluate a spline at a real world distance along the spline, as opposed to a %
    • Patron Request: Added command to add and edit a spline in one go.
    • Patron Request: Added relative distance evaluation mode, which uses a percentage but based on the spline lenght to allow for constant speed along the spline.
    • Fixed a crash if the evaluation/display steps are set to 0. Why do you do this to me? ;)
  • A Merry Christmas to all of our patrons - This year you get the Instance Inspector node as a present:Instance Inspector

Version 2019.12.02

  • Added a viewport button to toggle the DoF for the selected camera to the DoF Helper.
  • Removed the need for a Projection node for many plugins. If the Projection input is not connected, the default UV Map will be used. This concerns Weave, Multi-Image Sampler and Random Image Mapper.

Version 2019.11.25

  • Added a new view mode to DoF Helper, updated the documentation.
  • Fixed some issues in Weave, changed the labels of some controls and inputs/outputs, tweaked the GUI and updated the docs.

Version 2019.11.22

  • Added the Preview version of DoF Helper, the Plugin of the Month for November 2019.
  • Added Weave, a 2D Texture node as a bonus for #ThankYouPatrons day. And yes, we really do thank all of our patrons. :) Weave

Version 2019.11.11

  • S-Tk: Fixed issues with the undo not working as expected. If you still find any issues, please get in touch with specific steps.
  • S-Tk: Added empty lines to the RMB menus to group related items.
  • Halloween is over and our hidden change is gone as well.

Version 2019.11.01

  • S-Tk: Added the new shape animation tools to the db&w Spline primitive as well as the Spline Edit tool. Edit Tool: Shape Animation
  • This is pumpkin themed, Halloween special edition - if you can spot it. The next release will be back to normal.

Version 2019.10.04

  • S-Tk: Re-worked the drawing of the spline “shadow”. It is now drawn in world space at the back (from the view position) of the bounding box for the spline, using the axis colours.
    Known Issues: If the transformation of the item hosting the db&w Spline primitive is changed 1), the shadow will sometimes not update until you scrub a frame.

Version 2019.10.02

  • S-Tk: Added animation to the Spline Tool ( Spline Edit (Layout Tool) - Animation ) and made sure the evaluating plugins use it as well. Please consider this as a beta/preview release for now.

Version 2019.09.11

  • S-Tk: Fixed the spline edit tool crashing then a spline with no knots is closed.

Version 2019.08.27

  • S-Tk: Fixed various issues with the evaluation and draw caches not always updating as expected while editing a spline.

Version 2019.08.25

  • S-Tk: Added the Spline Displacement (Node) to the Plugin of the Month.
    • Fixed an issue where mis-clicking while the Spline Edit tool was active would select another item.

Version 2019.08.20

  • S-Tk: Added the Plugin of the Month: Spline Proximity (node).
    • Added an option to display the “shadow” of the selected spline in the Spline Preferences
    • Added an option to save the current settings as defaults in the Spline Preferences. This are stored in the LW config directory.
    • Some performance tweaks to when the spline primitive pre-computes caches.

Version 2019.08.08a

  • S-Tk: Fixed an issue of the spline editor crashing if an item that doesn't contain a spline was selected and some various operations were performed.

Version 2019.08.08

  • S-Tk: Changes to alignment and the edit tool:
    • Twist is gone, the alignment is now controlled using an up vector that can be edited
    • Due to changes in how the alignment is computed, the evaluation steps setting is gone now.
    • A bug the caused the evaluation per span not to work as expected has been fixed
    • While editing a spline using the Layout Tool, a new spline can be selected for editing. Caution: This clears the undo stack!
    • Changed the prefs by adding a tab for selected and deselected splines. The alignment drawing can be selected for each of these states.
    • Some sample scenes have been created for the Spline Toolkit. The link is included in the mails sent to patrons.

Version 2019.08.03

  • S-Tk: The first stage of the Spline Toolkit is included:
    • Now it works on macOS as well
    • There's a whole section on the wiki dedicated to it: https://wiki.db-w.com/tools/s-tk/start
    • Known issues: Orientation along the spline is still wonky and requires a second look and more thought.
  • Channel Blender now has the option to swap channel components around
  • Scene Comment is back and now it's using LW's internal text editor component.

Version 2019.07.03

  • Added a button to the respective documentation in the wiki to all plugins that display the db&w Tools logo in the GUI.
  • Added Preview version of S-tk - More information is available here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/update-first-s-28101403
  • Added dbwTools.cfg, which can be imported as a menu branch in the Layout Menu Editor.

Version 2019.05.28

  • Added matrix operations to X-Maths, this is the release version.

Version 2019.05.20

  • Added the first version of X-Maths: X-Maths Matrix operations will be added as well
  • Fixed an issue in the Multi-Switcher nodes where inputs got lost when copying a node.

Version 2019.05.01

  • Final version of the three Multi-Switcher nodes, the Plugin of the Month for April. The documentation is available here: Scalar/Vector/Material Multi-Switcher
  • Added the “Get Automatic Size” as a bonus plugin for you supporting us for six months on Patreon. The documentation is available here: Get Automatic Size

Version 2019.04.22

  • Added at the initial version of the three Multi-Switcher nodes, the Plugin of the Month for April.
  • Fixed a multi-threading issue evaluating envelopes in the variable nodes while rendering (this is only relevant if the Time input is used).

Version 2019.04.02

  • Includes the final release of the UV Distort tool for Modeler. Select a UV map, select some geometry, activate the tool and work away in a UV view.
    • a right click will recall the last settings used by the tool during the current modelling session.
    • there is a glitch in the GUI sizing code, due to a bug in LW. Changing the size of the panel will fix it.
    • The documentation will be added to the wiki soon.
  • Fixed an issue in the Luminosity gamma of all simple colour correction tools, which could lead to a hang while rendering.

Version 2019.03.19

  • Includes the first preview version of the UV Distort tool for Modeler. Select a UV map, select some geometry, activate the tool and work away in a UV view.
  • Includes the Motion Vector Node for the OD Houdini Shelf Tools
  • various small fixes

Version 2019.03.01

  • This build included the final version of the Multi-Image Sampler
  • Multi-Image Sampler: Added a TileValue output which can be used to mask other tools.
  • Multi-Image Sampler: Exposed the Noise Frequency for better control of the randomness.
  • Multi-Image Sampler: Replaced the Probability vector with three different envelopes.
  • Multi-Image Sampler and other nodes that display images in the GUI: Transparent images will now be displayed in front of a checkerboard.

Version 2019.02.26

  • macOS only: As of this version, the minimum requirement for the db&w Tools is macOS 10.11 (El Capitan) or higher.
  • Added the preview version of the plugin of the month for February 2019, the Random Image Mapper node.
    Preliminary documentation is available here: Random Image Mapper
  • Multi-Image Sampler: Bump now takes the alpha channel of the image into account.
  • Multi-Image Sampler: The list now works in LightWave 3D 2019
  • Multi-Image Sampler: Minor tweaks to the GUI
  • Single Light Lambert: When selecting no light, all lights are used again.

Version 2019.01.28

  • Final version of the Logic Nodes for January 2019, mainly GUI fixes since 2019.01.23
  • Windows only: Render Priority can now detect if VPR is active and will optionally change the priority then as well.

Version 2019.01.23 *Preview*

Version 2019.01.02

Version 2018.12.18

  • Fixed an issue where the Multi-Image Sampler would crash if the first image was removed from the list.

Version 2018.12.17

Version 2018.12.03a

Version 2018.11.19

  • Changed the version naming to be Year-Month-Day as we'll have more builds due to the Patreon
  • Added “Simple” and “Chaos” methods to the Tonemapper for #ThankYouPatrons
  • Added the first version of the Triplanar Mixer

Version 2018.0.4

  • Added Render Priority for Windows only.

Version 2018.0.3

  • Rewrite of the Single Light Shader node to use the new lighting system.

Version 2018

The first version for LightWave 2018 (only) removing or replacing incompatible plugins.

Legacy versions

usually by changing it interactively, i.e. moving the item
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