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Releases in 2018

Version 2018.12.18

  • Fixed an issue where the Multi-Image Sampler would crash if the first image was removed from the list.

Version 2018.12.17

Version 2018.12.03a

Version 2018.11.19

  • Changed the version naming to be Year-Month-Day as we'll have more builds due to the Patreon
  • Added “Simple” and “Chaos” methods to the Tonemapper for #ThankYouPatrons
  • Added the first version of the Triplanar Mixer

Version 2018.0.4

  • Added Render Priority for Windows only.

Version 2018.0.3

  • Rewrite of the Single Light Shader node to use the new lighting system.

Version 2018

The first version for LightWave 2018 (only) removing or replacing incompatible plugins.

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