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Spline Toolkit (S-Tk)

A small primer on splines

We tried to be consistent in the naming of the controls and various parts of a spline, so here's a list of the terminology used in this documentation:

  • Knot A knot is a point that defines a spline. The spline will always pass through a knot.
  • Control Point / CP Every knot has two control points, they define the incoming and outgoing shape of the spline at that knot.
  • Span This is the part of a spline between two knots.


Currently the Spline Toolkit includes the following Modules:

Spline Edit (Layout Tool) - Basic Use

Spline Edit (Layout Tool) - Animation

Spline Primitive

Spline Evaluation (Node)

Spline Proximity (node)

Spline Displacement (Node)

Spline Deformation (Node + Modifier)

Spline Motion (Motion Plugin)

Spline Preferences

Please not that the video shows an early version, some features have changed since then (mainly the twist/alignment as well as the preferences).

Utility Plugins

S-Tk includes utility plugins that can be added to a menu or assigned to a shortcut:

  • db&w Add Spline Adds a Null object and attaches a Spline Primitive to it, effectively creating a new spline object. The panel for the Spline Primitive will be opened.
  • db&w Add & Edit Spline Adds a Null object, attaches a Spline Primitive to it and then launches the Spline Edit Tool to directly edit the newly created Spline object.
  • Open Spline Preferences Opens the Spline Preferences and adds the master plugin to the current scene (if required).


The future development relies on votes by our patrons. A selection of possible module is listed on the Spline Toolkit (S-Tk) Roadmap

Development of the Spline Toolkit started in June 2019 and is made possible by the finest patrons on Patreon. It will continue to be extended with new tools depending on what our patrons vote for.

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