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Spline Deformation (Node + Modifier)

The Spline Deformation allows you to deform an mesh along an axis, using a spline as the target shape.

There a node to be used in the Nodal Displacement editor located in the Primitive/Geometry tab of a mesh.

db&w Spline Displacement is also available as a modifier for the object/displacement tab.



This pop-up allows you to select the spline that's used to deform the geometry.

Deformation Axis

This defines the axis that's used for the deformation.

Basically, the distance of every vertex to the mesh origin is computed along this axis. That distance is in turn used to find a transformation on the spline. The vertex is then moved accordingly.

Fit to Spline

If enabled, the mesh will be squashed/stretch to fit the spline. The Offset will be disabled.

Offset Distance / Percentage

This offsets the distance along the spline used to compute the deformation. Essentially, the deformed mesh slides across the spline.

Depending on the Mode, this is either an absolute distance or a percentage of the spline length.


This changes how the deformation offset on the spline is computed:


The Offset is an absolute distance on the spline.


The Offset is a percentage of the spline length.

Pre-Behaviour / Post-Behaviour

These controls define what happens if a vertex would be evaluated beyond the start or the end of the spline.

These will 1) be ignored if the spline is a closed spline. In that case, the deformation will loop.


This will limit the deformation to the spline.


Vertices beyond the spline will be positioned on a line extending from the spline, using the direction as defined by the first/last knot.


Vertices beyond the spline will loop the spline deformation.


Vertices beyond the spline will mirror the spline deformation.

Axis Mirror

Vertices beyond the spline will mirror the spline deformation, but also mirror the direction of the displacement across the defined axis.

Reference Item

Allows for picking an item that acts like a pivot for the deformation on the mesh.

World Coordinates

Evaluates the spline in world as opposed to local coordinates.

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