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“one node graph to rule them all”

nodeMeister allows you to create global node graphs in Layout that can be referenced in other node graphs using a node. Effectively this acts a lot like a native compound node, except that the contained graph is shared.

Often parts of a node graph need to be reused in another graph. This could be a set of procedurals driving a displacement as well as instances or a complex nodal motion applied to multiple items.

Without nodeMeister, those parts of the node graph need to be copied and pasted to the other graph manually. Any change to these parts will require a copy and paste again.

With nodeMeister, you can create a a single node graph that can be used multiple times, via a single node, in other node graphs. Changes to the nodeMeister graph will propagate via the node.

Since the nodeMeister graphs can also create a user interface on the nodeMeister node, you can create a library of node graphs to reuse across scenes or even projects.

Glossary of terms

To make the documentation a bit easier to understand, the following terminology will be used:

  • nodeMeister Graph
    This is a node graph hosted by the nodeMeister plugin. It can be used via the nodeMeister node.
  • context
    The context of where a node graph is run, determining which capabilities it has.
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