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Release History


  • Fixed minor, context related niggles
  • Added a “Current Context” display to the nodeMeister node.


  • Fixed an issue where copying a node containing an empty local graph could lead to a crash.


  • Fixed a rare crash with a new node in a blank scene


  • Fixed a crash when loading a nodeMeister graph with an integer input.
  • Fixed an issue of control values not being loaded as they should.


  • Fixed a crash when saving a nodeMeister graph with an integer input, due to trying to save a non-existing envelope.
  • Changed the node colour to navy for better legibility.


  • Fixed a crash when adding nodeMeister to a primitive object in a blank scene


  • Added local graphs to the node.
  • Added the ability to copy a local to a global graph in the node and vice versa.
  • The node now stores a backup copy of the global graph it references. This will be restored when loading and the global graph isn't present.
  • Added presets to the node.
  • Switching to a different node graph in the node is now more robust in trying to retain as many connections as possible.
  • Added a button to open the master plugin from the node.
  • Added a menu item to the node menu to open the master plugin.
  • Reworked the presets in the master plugin to be more reliable
  • Made sure that nodeMeister works with OD überPäss


  • Optimized the evaluation of the node leading to substantial speed improvements in some cases
  • Added a node menu to switch from the node to the nodeMeister graph and back.


  • Made nodeMeister compatible with Octane for LightWave, adding multiple custom connection types.
  • Streamlined the addition of new inputs on the Output node in a nodeMeister graph.
  • Replaced the “Add…” button on the Input and Output node of the nodeMeister Graph with a pop-up to directly select the type of the new connection.
  • All prompts asking the user if he's sure to perform an action are now hidden if the Alert Level in Layout 1) is set to Low.
  • Added a “Transparency” and “Single Threaded” option to the node if they run in a shading / displacement context respectively.
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