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infiniMap Node

The infiniMap Nodes are found in the db&w→infiniMap section of the node list.

The infiniMap Node provides the same image mapping functionality as the shader, including support for UV maps. All relevant inputs are exposed and evaluated once per shaded spot, allowing for a fine control of the parameters. The outputs are derived from the selected Layer and Channel.

Node Inputs

The node inputs correspond to the control in the user interface, with one exception:


This allows you to hook up any of the new projection nodes, essentially using the infiniMap node as an image sampler.

Node Outputs


This output applies the Opacity and the Blending mode to merge the infiniMap image on top of the Bg Colour. If the infiniMap image contains an alpha channel, this will be applied while merging it onto the Bg Colour. (Similar to how image editing applications merge a layer with transparencies on top of other layers). This behaviour is identical to the LightWave 3D image node.


This output makes that raw RGB values of the image available. Unlike the Colour output, no blending is being done.


This output provides the raw Alpha channel of the loaded image, if one exists in the infiniMap image.


This output is the normal to be shaded by LightWave 3D.

It is derived from the original surface normal being modified by the image as a bump map. Basically it is the Bump output subtracted from the original surface normal.

The Bump Amplitude affects this output.


This is the change of the surface normal when interpreting the infiniMap image as a bump map. This is affected by the Bump Amplitude.

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