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infiniMap Extended Node

The infiniMap Extended Node is designed for images that contain more than one layer1).

The extended node works like the normal infiniMap Node with the exception of not allowing the image to be blended onto a background colour.

If an image contains more than one layer it can output all layers at once.

Instead of using multiple nodes to extract layered data from a single image, one can thus use only this node to extract all layers (provided that they all use the same projection).

The number of outputs and their names depend on the loaded image.

By default it exposes all Layers as well as the Bump/Normal output for the first layer.

By selecting the different layers/channels in the user interface and changing the settings of Show Output, Show Normal and Show Bump one can change which channels are actually exposed.

The extended node does not support colour spaces currently. However, our free db&w Tools (available at http://tools.db-w.com) include a colour space conversion node.

To create an image that can be used with the Extended node we recommend using ProEXR for Photoshop® to export a layered OpenEXR image. This will then be converted by infiniMap into a tiled OpenEXR image, maintaining the layers.

Other applications, such as Affinity Photo, support layered OpenEXR images natively.

only OpenEXR images support layers
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