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 ==== World Coordinates ==== ==== World Coordinates ====
 +If this is enabled, all transformations will be in world coordinates.
 +<WRAP center round important >
 +If a Reference Item is selected, the transformation groups down below will not be available.
 ==== Weight Map ==== ==== Weight Map ====
 +This allows for selecting a weight map which limits the influence of the transformation on a per vertex basis.
 +Weight maps can also be used to separate parts of a mesh, by setting the respective vertices to 100% while the unrelated ones remain at 0%.
 ==== Position / Rotation / Scale / Pivot ==== ==== Position / Rotation / Scale / Pivot ====
 +The transformation groups. These allow for fine grained control of which transformation is being applied.
 +Individual control for them is is not available if World Coordinates is on and a Reference Item has been selected.
 === Controller === === Controller ===
-=== XYZ/HPB Values ===+{{ :tools:pasted:20210526-140639.png}}
 +This defines how the current transformation group is controlled. This setting is not available if World Coordinates is on and a Reference Item has been selected.
 +  * **Disable** This transformation group is ignored.
 +  * **Keyframed** The keyframed values are being used.
 +  * **Use Item** The values from the selected Reference Items are being used.
 +=== XYZ/HPB Values ===
 +The values for the current transformation group. These may be animated using envelopes.
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