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Wheel Rotation Control

This generic plugin is used to control the caches of all db&w Wheel Plugins.

Since the caches don't (and can't - due to technical limitations) update their caches automatically, you can use this plugin to modify the caches of all db&w Wheel plugins.


Update Caches

Updates the caches of all plugins. This is required if the plugins use a cache and items that influences the items using the wheel plugins have been changed or edited.

Enable & Update Caches

Makes sure the caches for all plugins are enabled and then updates them.

Save Caches

This allows the plugin to save and load the caches (if the cache is enabled). This is effectively the same as baking the output of a Wheel plugin.

Don't Save Caches

Stops the plugins from saving the caches. If the caches are enabled, they will be re-computed when the scene is loaded.

Disable Caches

Disables all Wheel plugin caches.

Enable Motion Modifiers (not implemented yet)

Enables all Wheel Motion Modifiers.

Disable Motion Modifiers

Disables all Wheel Motion Modifiers, which may be useful if they are baked manually.

This is our Plugin of the Month for December 2020, made possible by the finest patrons on Patreon.

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