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UV Transform

This Modeler tool allows you to move, scale and rotate the selected UVs in the UV view. UVs can also be fit to a section of the UV space.

Viewport Handles

The viewport handles support the ctrl or shift modifiers 1). However, only either one of them and they need to be pressed before a handle is selected in the viewport.

The following handles are available:


This is the cross at the centre of the selected UVs. It can be moved to reposition the UVs. Pressing ctrl prior to selecting the handle will constrain it to the U of V axis, depending on the position of the mouse cursor.

GUI controls

You can press 'n' to open the numeric panel which contains the following controls:

Position U/V

The centre position of the UVs.

Size U/V

The size of the UVs as a percentage of the original selection.

Rotation U/V

The rotation of the UVs.


Snap to Grid

Snaps all interactions in the viewport to the grid as provided by Modeler. Unfortunately this grid has very tiny steps.

This is the plugin of the month for June 2020, made possible by the finest patrons on Patreon.

alt is not available as it pans the view
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