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Sticky Front UV

This node performs front projection mapping (classic and perspective camera only).

Optionally it may directly output the UV coordinates to be used in a compositing application for texture mapping. The front projection may happen in releation to the item position at a reference time and will then stick as the item is moved.


  • Camera The camera to use as a reference for the front projection
  • Time Reference time for the front projection, the image will be mapped as if the surfaces where in the position at that time (not taking displacements into account).
  • Image The image to map
  • MipMap Strength The mip-map strength when mapping the image, higher values cause the image to be more blurry.
  • Pixel Blending performs an interpolation on the image pixels when mapping.


  • UV The UV coordinates as a vector, U is stored in X, V in Y, Z is empty. This can easily be hooked up as a colour to export for compositing.
    This is independent of the mapped image. In fact, no image needs to be selected for the UV output to function.
  • RGB, Alpha, Luminance Respectively the colour, alpha or luminance of the mapped image.


Displacements (including due to bones) are not taken into account.

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