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Simple Colour Corrector

A node that offers the same colour correction options as the image panel, including gamma correction.

The simple colour corrector is also available as an image filter as well as a pixel filter.

If you use it as a pixel filter it will be applied before anti-aliasing, allowing you to modify the gamma of the image before the adaptive threshold is computed by LightWave 3D


  • Colour
    The colour to correct
  • Scalar
    Optionally, a scalar can be corrected as well. This will be treated as a greyscale colour. Available in the node only
  • Tint Colour
    This colour can be used to tint the result. Essentially the hue of this colour is applied to the output colour.
    How much it affects the output colour is defined by the Tint Strength. The saturation is not changed.
  • Tint Strength
    This determines how much the Tint Colour affects the output.
  • Brightness
    Changes the brightness
  • Contrast
    Changes the contrast
  • Luminance Gamma
    This is a gamma function that is applied to the luminance of the resulting colour. unlike a conventional gamma, this doesn't shift the colours
  • Hue
    Changes the hue of the resulting colour
  • Saturation
    Changes the saturation of the resulting colour
  • Gamma
    Change the gamma of the colour
  • Invert
    Inverts the resulting gamma
  • Clamp Output
    Limits the resulting colour to the range of 0.0 → 1.0
  • Default
    Resets all control to their defaults, resulting in no change of output colour again
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