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Render Priority (Windows)

This Master Handler plugin changes the process priority of Layout while rendering.

Especially with many core, Layout can really tax the system making it hard to use other applications while it is rendering.

Lowering the priority while rendering can help alleviate the issue. The downside is that renders will take longer, depending on the other running tasks.

This is a Layout plugin - it is not saved with the scene but with the current installation of Layout. Any Layout session will have this plugin applied automatically. It does not affect rendering on a render node.

Render Priority

  • (no change) Doesn't change the process priority while rendering at all
  • Above Normal This give Layout a priority slightly above Normal. Please be aware that this will cause a lot less refreshes of the render preview, which also makes it harder to cancel a render.
  • Normal This is the normal process priority
  • Below Normal Slightly below Normal
  • Idle Process whose threads run only when the system is idle. This will cause Layout to have the least influence on foreground applications.

Use while VPR is active

This will also change the Priority of Layout to the value designated above if VPR is active. By active we mean, if VPR is being used in any viewport.

Since there is no way to detect if VPR is actually rendering, checking for existence of a view using VPR was the only way to make this possible.

Added in version 2018.0.4

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