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-Version 2021.05.30+ 
 +===== Version 2021.07.04 ===== 
 +  * Fixed an issue where the (hidden) Instance Picker Master Plugin would disable all other gizmos used by LW, such as those used to move items. 
 +===== Version 2021.07.03 ===== 
 +  * Fixed an issue where the settings of the Multi-Variable node weren't copied. 
 +  * Fixed the channel path for the Channel Reference Node 
 +  * Tried to make the channel picker for the Channel Reference node resizeable - but LightWave 3D said: No! 
 +===== Version 2021.06.25 ===== 
 +  * Added the first version of the Channel Reference node. 
 +===== Version 2021.06.04 ===== 
 +  * Fixed an issues with the scale not being evaluated properly in the Transform Deformer once the strength was added. 
 +  * Changed the order of transformations in the Transform Deformer to meet expectations. 
 +===== Version 2021.06.02 ===== 
 +  * Added a Strength % to the Normal map output of the PBR Set node 
 +  * Fixed an issue of the code signed .plugin crashin on macOS. Unfortunately this also removes the personalised thank you message from the about panel. Basically, patching the .plugin to insert the patron name after the plugin has been code signed caused the issue. 
 +===== Version 2021.05.30 ===== 
   * Various additions and fixes for the [[tools:xform-deformer|]]:   * Various additions and fixes for the [[tools:xform-deformer|]]:
     * Added a Strength value for the transformation as well as the components.     * Added a Strength value for the transformation as well as the components.
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