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Repetition Projection Ex

This node modifies an existing Projection or Projection Ex and splats random repetitions of the texture to it. This allows for creating randomly tiled surfaces.

The random mixing is controlled by an underlying noise function.

This works best for images that are more organic and irregular in nature.

Pebble texture, repeated.Pebble texture using Texture Repetition.


Texture Scale

This setting defines how far a texture will be shifted.

Noise Scale

This setting changes the scale of the underlying noise used to shift the texture.

Noise Seed

An integer number to initialize the random number generator used for the noise. This allows for different distributions even if all other settings stay the same.



Most inputs override the corresponding controls on a per spot basis, the exceptions are documented here.

Projection / Projection Ex

This defines the Projection to modify use. If nothing is connected, the default UV is used.

If Projection Ex and Projection are connected, Projection Ex will be used.


Projection Ex

The Projection to be used with any node that is Projection Ex compatible.

This is the plugin of the month for April 2021, made possible by the finest patrons on Patreon.

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