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Presetto is a generic plugin to load and store various parts of a scene as presets. It uses the Preset System common to all of our plugins.

The following settings can be saved as presets:

Render Range

Stores the render range, the first and last frame as well as the frame step.

Preview Range

Stores the preview range, the first and last frame as well as the frame step.


Stores the images in the compositing tab: background/foreground image as well as the foreground alpha image.

Limited Region

Stores the position, active state and type of Limited Region.

Buffer Settings

Stores the buffer settings (names, paths, AA settings, flags). Please note, if the buffers are displayed in the render panel and the camera is switched, the list of buffers will not update until a first interaction. This may just be quickly switching the tab back and forth.

Object/Bone/Light/Camera Flags

This stores flags for specific types of items. Flags are basically toggles and switches. Currently numerical values are not handled by the plugin1).

The type2) of currently selected item needs to match the item type of the preset being saved.

When loading a preset, you'll be prompted on whether to apply it to the selected items of the matching type, or to all items in the scene of the matching type.

For all item types, the following settings are stored:

Item Active, Item Lock, Item Visibility, Item Colour.

For Objects, the following additional toggles are stored:

Self / Cast / Receive Shadow, Unseen by Rays / Camera / Radiosity, Unaffected by Fog, Matte Object, Matte Colour.

Our Plugin of the Month for November 2021, made possible by the finest patrons on Patreon.

Sponsored by Mikael “Cageman” Burman.

It's complicated, especially once envelopes come into play
Object, Bone, Light, Camera
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