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Multi-Variables Node (in progress)

This node allows you to add multiple outputs and controls of different types that can be used to control other nodes via their inputs.

It is designed to be used as a “cockpit” for a node graph.

If you add the node, no outputs and controls are present.


To add a variable, right click on the node 1) in the node graph and select a control to add.

The following variables are available:

Name Control TypeOutput Type
ScalarFloat number + Envelope Scalar
PercentagePercentage + Envelope Scalar
DistanceDistance + Envelope Scalar
AngleAngle + Envelope Scalar (angle in radians)
ColourColour + Envelope Colour
Scalar VectorColour + Envelope XYZ Vector
Percentage VectorColour + Envelope XYZ Vector
Distance VectorColour + Envelope XYZ Colour
Angle VectorColour + Envelope HPB Vector (radians)
IntegerInteger + Slider Integer
BooleanCheckbox Integer (0 if off, 1 if on)

Adding a control will prompt for a name and then add the respective control and output to the node.

LightWave 3D will not update the visible node outputs not the controls in the node panel automatically.

  • To update the node outputs, just click on the node graph one.
  • To update the control in the panel, the panel needs to be closed and re-opened again.

To edit the name of a variable, right click on the output on the node and select “Edit…” from the node menu. To remove a variable completely, right click on the output on the node and select “Delete…” from the node menu.

This can be a bit tricky once outputs are on the node. Make sure not to click on an output, since that opens a separate menu.
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