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Multi-Maths is a node that attempts to collect all maths functions in a single user interface and node to encourage experimenting with different calculations.

The node has two scalar inputs (X and Y) as well as two vector inputs (A and B) and two matrix inputs ( M and N)

The outputs (Scalar, Vector or Matrix) will be the result of the Scalar, Vector or Matrix function (respectively) being computed using the input values.

The inputs may be swapped around without reconnecting them. This, for example, turns X / Y into Y / X.

Scalar Computations

All of these computations results in a scalar value.

Scalar =Description
X + YAdds two scalar values
X - YSubtracts two scalar values
X * YMultiplies two scalar values
X / YDivides two scalar values
pow (X,Y)Raises X to the power of Y, XY
sqrt(X)Returns the square root of X
frac(X)Returns the fractional part of X
int(X)Returns the non-fractional (integer) part of X
ceil(X)Rounds X up to the next integer
floor(X)Rounds X down to the previous integer
fabs(X)The absolute of X
fmod(X,Y)The remainder of X/Y
sin(X)The sine of X, X is expected to be in radians
cos(X)The cosine of X, X is expected to be in radians
tan(X)The tangent of X, X is expected to be in radians
asin(X)The inverse sine of X, returned in radians
acos(X)The inverse cosine of X, returned in radians
atan(X)The inverse tangent of X, returned in radians
atan(X / Y)The inverse sine of X/Y, returned in radians
sinh(X)The hyperbolic sine of X, X is expected to be in radians
cosh(X)The hyperbolic cosine of X, X is expected to be in radians
tanh(X)The hyperbolic tangent of X, X is expected to be in radians
exp(X)Exponential function, returns eX
log(X)returns the logarithm of X
log10(X)returns the base 10 logarithm of X
A . B (dot product)Returns the dot product of the vectors A & B
length(A)Returns the length of vector A
-XInverts X

Vector Computations

These compute a vector result.

Vector =Description
A + BAdds two vectors
A - BSubtracts vector B from A
A * BMultiplies the components of two vectors
A / BDivides the components of A by the components of B
A x B (cross product)Computes the cross product between two vectors, this results in a vector perpendicular to both of them
A * XMultiplies a vector by a scalar
A / XDivides a vector by a scalar
normalize(A)Normalises vector A
A * MMultiplies a vector by a matrix

Matrix Computations

The result of these is a 4×4 matrix.

Matrix =Description
M * N
M + N
M - N
M * X

This is the plugin of the month for May 2019, made possible by the finest patrons on Patreon.

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