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Download the latest ZIP from the link mailed to you and extract it.

The paths to install the plugins to depends on the version of LightWave 3D. These instructions assume that LightWave 2018.0.5 is installed.

Make sure to install the version of the plugin file that matches your LightWave 3D installation. dbwTools2018 is designed to be used in LightWave 3D 2018 and 2019, dbwTools2020 is designed for LightWave 3D 2020.


The dbwTools#####.p file can be copied to any directory where you keep your plugins. We recommend using a manually created plugin directory to separate third party plugins from plugins shipped with LightWave 3D. This will simplify upgrades of LightWave 3D.

Now use the Edit Plug-ins panel (alt-F11) of the Add Plugins menu item to add the plugin file dbwTools####.p to LightWave 3D.

You can also copy it to


(#### is the version number of your LightWave 3D installation) to allow LightWave to detect the plugin automatically.


You can copy the dbwTools####.plugin file into one of two locations for LightWave to use it automatically.

You can either copy it to:

~/Library/Application Support/Newtek/LightWave####/Plugins

for the current user or

/Library/Application Support/Newtek/LightWave####/Plugins

for all users. (#### is the version number of your LightWave 3D installation)

In both cases LightWave 3D will automatically pick up the plugins once you launch it.

You are of course free to copy the plugin file to another location and use the Edit Plug-ins panel (alt-F11) of the Add Plugins menu item to add the plugin file <plugin>.plugin to LightWave 3D.

macOS Catalina and higher

Since macOS Catalina, plugins need to be signed by the developer. This affects all existing plugins. We will try to make it possible to sign plugins in the future though.

To allow macOS to run unsigned plugins, please use the following steps:

  1. Before adding plugins manually, open macOS's System Preferences/Security & Privacy alongside. If you use our recommended method to let LightWave 3D scan for plugins automatically, launch Security & Privacy before launching LightWave 3D.
  2. Scan the directory or launch LightWave 3D if you copied the plugin to one of the recommended directories.
  3. When an un-signed plugin is detected you will see a warning. Click Cancel.
  4. Immediately after clicking cancel, you will see the plugin popup in the Security & Privacy pane. Click Allow Anyway.
    During the scanning directory phase you may have to jump between the Cancel and Allow Anyway process a few times depending on how many unsigned plugins you have.
  5. Some plugins may also require you to Open them. Continue until everything is scanned. You shouldn’t have to go through this again!
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