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Extended Spot Info

This node exposed some additional information about the spot being currently shaded. Some of these outputs are modified to make them more useful as inputs for other nodes.


  • Object ID The internal object ID as used by LightWave 3D
  • Object Number The number of the current object. This is derived from the Object ID, but the number always starts at 0.
  • Ray Source ID The ID of the object where the current ray sampling the surface comes from. This may be the camerafor primary rays, or another object for rays due to reflections and refractions.
  • Polygon Number The number of the current polygon being shaded.
  • Surface CRC this computes a 16-bit integer checksum using the surface name. It can be used as a unique identifier for the surface and will only change if the surface name changes.
  • Surface Number this assigns a number starting from 0 to every surface (name) within the scene. This number will change if the amount of surfaces changes. However, it produces nicer results than the CRC outputs in conjunction with the Sequencer.
  • Surface/Item CRC This is like Surface CRC, but also includes the item ID, so every item/surface combo has a different result.
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