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Elbow Node

The Elbow node is designed to help clean up node graphs by re-routing connections.

The Elbow node does not have a user interface in the panel at all, all interactions happen vie the node in the node graph itself.

Dragging a node output to the new input on the Elbow node creates a pair of in- and outputs that match the name and type of the original output. The original output is then connected to the created input. The node itself does nothing except to pass through the values from the inputs to the outputs.

You can create as many pairs of inputs and outputs per elbow as you want to.

To remove or clean up the node, right click on the node and use the node menu to remove a specific pair.

Flush unused Connections will remove all pairs where the input is not connected to anything.

This is the plugin of the month for March 2020, made possible by the finest patrons on Patreon.

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