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qkcPck Options... (Generic)

This opens the Options panel for qckPck. Currently the only options are editing the custom menu.

You can also check the current version by clicking on the About button.

This plugin is usually launched from qckPck itself but may also be assigned to a shortcut or menu individually.

The custom menu allows you to add any of LightWave 3D's commands.

This displays the current entries of the custom menu. You can drag and drop to reorder them.

Selecting an item will make it available for editing below.


This is the name as displayed in the custom menu.

Lightwave 3D Commands

This pop-up provides a list of all native commands available in Layout (as exported from LW 2018.0.6).

Selecting an entry here copies it to the Command to the entry being edited.

Lightwave 3D Generic Plugins

This pop-up provides a list of all generic plugins available in Layout - this also includes third party plugins and is generated on the fly.

Selecting an entry here copies it to the Generic Plugin to the entry being edited, adding a prefix of “Generic_” so that LW can call it properly.


This is the command that will be execute if the menu item is selected.

Loop over Multiselection

Some commands may operate on the currently selected (single) item.

If this option is enabled and multiple items are selected, the custom menu will select each of the multi-selected items, one after the other, and call the command for each of them. Afterwards it restores the multi-selection.

Add Menu Entry

This adds a new, blank menu entry to the menu.

Remove Menu Entry

This removes the currently selected item from the menu.

Save As...

Saves the current custom menu to a file.


Loads the current custom menu from a file, replacing the current one.


Loads a custom menu from a file and appends it to the current one.


Displays the about window showing the current version number, your licensing information as well as our credits.

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