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qckPck 2019 User Manual


qckPck 2019 is a navigation system for Lightwave 3D Layout. It's aim is to speed up navigation and common tasks drastically by providing access to often used functionality quickly.

qkcPck 2019 includes qckHuD, a system to create custom viewport overlays for Layout.


qckPck 2019 is compatible with Lightwave 3D 2018 and higher and available both for Windows and MacOS.

Installation and Set-up


qckPck consists of a Master plugin as well as various Generic1) plugins.

The qckPck (Master) plugin hosts the main menu, the Open qckPck... (Generic) launches the master. qkcPck Options... (Generic) is launched from the main panel to edit the entries in the qckPck Custom (Generic) plugin.

Individual Menus


This release of qckPck includes qckHuD, a system for custom overlays in Layout.


List of Layout Commands and Common Commands in the LightWave SDK.


Referred to as “Layout Command” by LightWave 3D
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