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Glossary of used terms

SDK (software development kit)

Basically a set of tools and documents to allow the creation to plugins. In the case of LightWave3D the SDK provided by NewTek.

JPEG 2000

Wavelet based successor to the JPEG standard for compressed images. It allows for lossless compression, more than 8 bits per channel and has a variety of enhanced features.


an advanced wavelet based compressed image file format developed by ER Mapper. Now replaced by JPEG 2000.


frequently asked questions. See here for examples. ;)


A HDR image format designed by ILM for post-production pipelines that has found a wide acceptance in the industry.

OpenGL preview layer

A term used by infiniMap for a texture layer within a surface that serves no other purpose but to display an approximation of an infiniMap image in the OpenGL real-time preview of LightWave3D.

Basically, it is an image layer with the opacity set to 0%, which will still display in OpenGL but not during renders.

Please note that GLSL needs to be turned off in the LightWave 3D OpenGL options for the preview layer to be visible in the viewports.

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