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I can't create an OpenGL proxy layer from the Shader

Unfortunately, for this to work from the shader you will have to manually activate the texture layering on the surface colour. Click on the [T] button to the right of the surface base colour once to activate it. Now the infiniMap shader can create an OpenGL proxy layer for that surface.

I've created an OpenGL proxy layer, but I don't see it in the texture layer window (it does show in OpenGL though)

While the layer has actually been created, LightWave3D will not display the layer in the texture list until you close and re-open the texture list.

No image preview in the Modeler when working on the procedural texture

Due to a limitation imposed by LightWave 3D, the image preview is not available in the procedural texture component of infiniMap 3D when running in Modeler.

I change the preview resolution, but the Preview / VIPER doesn't update

Sometimes LightWave3D doesn't register the fact that a texture value has been changed. Switching the preview resolution is one of those cases. If it happens, please refresh the preview or VPR manually.

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