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infiniMap has been thoroughly tested in production by us and our trusty beta testers. The main features of infiniMap are:

  • Full compatibility to LightWave 3D's surfacing, allowing for an easy replacement of native image texture layers with infiniMap texture layers.
  • Works as a procedural texture layer or as a node
  • A user interface that remains as close as possible to the native image texturing interface provided by LightWave 3D, resulting in a minimal learning curve.
  • Complete support for multi-threading to make full use of multi-processor, multi-core and/or hyper-threading computers.
  • Low memory footprint.
  • Shared image caches: Multiple instances of the same image use a shared cache, reducing the amount of memory required during rendering for scenes that re-use identical images (or single channels thereof).
  • Useful tools to make working with infiniMap images easier, such as an automatic OpenGL preview layer generation tool to make infiniMap images visible in Layout.
  • Free network render nodes.
  • Unlicensed plugins can be used to load, render and save infiniMap enabled scenes, there is no need to purchase a license for every copy of LightWave 3D in your facility 1) .
  • ScreamerNet network rendering support, of course.
  • Convert images to the ECW/JPEG 2000 and OpenEXR format from within LightWave 3D
  • Replace images globally
  • Support for JPEG 2000 images with up to 28 bits per channel (a limitation of the JPEG 2000 standard).
  • Free point upgrades, free support, free beer 2) )
  • A dedicated node for normal mapping
  • Native support for PNG files to lower the memory requirements when converting
  • Support for colour spaces

Feature Comparison

Texturing plugins Surface Shader Surface Shader
Texture Layer
Texture Node
Multi-Channel Node
Projection Types Planar Only All image projections supported by LightWave 3D.
The Texture Layer does not support UV mapping, the Shader and the Node do.
Native image format Tiled OpenEXR
JPEG 2000, ECW
Tiled OpenEXR Tiled OpenEXR
JPEG 2000, ECW
Supported platforms Windows, MacOS 3) Windows Windows, MacOS
Conversion options Single Image converter.
Convert on load if the source image is not native to infiniMap.
Batch Image converter.
Convert on load if the source image is not native to infiniMap.
Even though we won't complain if you do. We do offer volume pricing as well as site licenses.
O.k., so we're joking about the beer…
no JPEG2000/ECW support
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