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Description of the XFD file format

XFD is the native, XML based, format used by frameD. It is used both to store editor projects and to load projects directly into LightWave 3D as an animation using the frameD loader.

Sample XFD file

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<frameD firstFrame="0" length="100" version="1">
    <settings previewStart="0"
     background.R="102" background.G="102" background.B="102"
     checks.R="153" checks.G="153" checks.B="153" />

    <frame src="Images\4s\4Seconds0000.png" duration=”10”/>
    <frame src="Images\4s\4Seconds0100.png" />
    <clip src="Images\4s\4Seconds0000.png" />
    <clip src="Images\4s\4Seconds0100.png" />

firstFrame is optional and 0 by default
settings stores the frameD editor settings as attributes, they have no effect on loading the sequence into LightWave and may be omitted.
clip is optional as well and used to store images that are a part of the project but not in the sequence itself.
duration per frame is optional and 1 by default (if omitted)
src paths are either absolute or relative to the .xfd file itself.

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