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Keyboard shortcuts for the editor

The frameD editor provides numerous to speed up working with it.

Shortcut Function
← / → Scrub to the previous/next frame, selecting it (and deselecting all other frames).
Ctrl + ← / → Swap the contents of the current frame with the previous/next frame.
Alt + ← / → Change the image for the currently selected frame to the previous/next frame respectively, alphabetically sorted.
The first frame in the sorted list is (none).
Space Select the current frame, deselect all others.
Ctrl + Space Toggle the selection state of the current frame
a Select all frames
d Deselect all frames
i Invert (toggle) the frame selection
↑ / ↓ Change the current frame to the previous/next frame. Does not modify the selection.
Shift + ↑ / ↓ Change the current frame to the previous/next frame, adding it to the selection.
Ctrl + ↑ / ↓ Copy the currently selected frames to to the previous/next frames, keeping the copy selected.
Shift + Ctrl + ↑ / ↓ Move the currently selected frames to the previous/next frames (setting the original frames to blank), keeping the moved frames selected.
-Clear the selected images (set them to (none))
+Load an image or sequence into the current frame
F1Display the help panel
F10Display the About panel
EscClose the editor (saving the project automatically, just in case)
oLoad a project
sSave a project
Alt-sSave a project without prompting for a file name
eExport a project as an IFL file
cCopy selection to clipboard
xCut selection to clipboard
vPaste from Clipboard
uUndo (only edits, not selections)
rRedo (only edits, not selections)
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