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Wheel Rotation

This node computes the rotation of a wheel if travelling along a distance. The distance is based on the movement of an item.


Wheel Radius

Use this control to enter the radius of the wheel to rotate. This value can currently not be enveloped because that would require evaluating the whole envelope up to the current frame every time the node is evaluated.

Movement Reference

The reference item to use to compute a travelled distance. This may be the wheel itself if “Use World Distance” is used.

Forward Direction

The direction (in local coordinates) on the Movement Reference that will be designated as forward in the direction of travel.

Use World Distance

Use the world coordinates of the Movement Reference item to compute the travelled distance. If disabled, the local movement of the item is used.

Use X/Y/Z Distance

Toggle which axis positions are used to compute the travelled distance.

Samples per Frame

If the movement has intricate turns, increasing the number of samples will increase the accuracy of the computed distance - but will also slow down evaluating it.

Rotation Multiplier

These envelope is evaluated as the travelled distance for the wheel is computed. A value of less than 100% will slow down the wheel rotation (0% is a complete standstill), a value higher than 100% speed up the rotation. This can be used to lock wheels or overcrank them.

Rotation Channel

This determines the rotation channel the wheel rotation will be copied to if the Rotation Vector output is used.

Channel Replacement

If a Rotation vector is connected to the input, this control defines how the Rotation Channel will modify the respective rotation channel on the input vector. This allows for the daisy chaining of multiple wheel nodes.

Node Connections


The rotation of a wheel travelling the path of the Movement Reference item up to the current frame.


The total distance travelled by the Movement Reference item up to the current frame.

Rotation Distance

The distance travelled by the Movement Reference item up to the current frame taking the Rotation Multiplier into account.

Rotation (Input) / Rotation Vector (output)

The Rotation input is passed through to the Rotation output. Any computed wheel rotation will replace the rotation channel selected by the Rotation Channel Control

This plugin is our Plugin of the Month for October 2020, made possible by the finest patrons on Patreon.

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