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 +====== Vector Motion Blur ======
 +Deforms an mesh for sub-frames to allow LightWave 3D to compute motion blur from object sequences.
 +The displacement must be provided as a vertex map of velocities per frame.
 +The vector input must be connected to a a node evaluating the vertex map that stores the velocities. The vector output provides the displacement for the current sub frame.
 +===== Controls =====
 +==== Time Base ====
 +Determines if the velocities stored in the vertex map are per frame or per second.
 +==== Invert Vector ====
 +Inverts the direction of the velocity.
 +==== Multiplier ====
 +Multiplies the velocity to scale the effect up or down.
 +==== Octane Compatibility ====
 +Slightly changes how the sub-frame offset is compute to let Octane pick up the deformation and evaluate if for the motion blur.
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