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Second Unit

Second Unit is a helper that can store selected scene properties per camera. These properties are saved in the scene by the plugin.

When a Store … section is enabled in the plugin, the current settings will be saved for the currently selected camera when switching to another camera. The settings for the newly selected camera will be restored. If the newly selected camera doesn't have these settings stored yet, the settings of the previously selected camera will be used.

Additionally, a camera may be selected as a render camera.


Save as Render Camera

Enabling this will save the camera selected in the pop-up as the currently selected item when the scene is saved.

It will cause that camera to be selected when saving the scene, making it the camera to be used in RenderQ or lwsn. This is to prevent accidentally saving with the wrong camera being selected1).

Store Render Range

Stores the render range, the first and last frame as well as the frame step.

Store Preview Range

Stores the preview range, the first and last frame as well as the frame step.

Store Background

Stores the images in the compositing tab: background/foreground image as well as the foreground alpha image.

This plugin is our Plugin of the Month for October 2021, made possible by the finest patrons on Patreon.

Sponsored by Mikael “Cageman” Burman.

Been there, done that. :-\
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