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Ray Type Comparison

Thus node is only available in a node editor context where raytracing is available. It will check the current (incoming) ray for specific properties and return true if they match.

User Interface Controls


This control is only available if the Boolean input is connected. If turned on, it will simply pass through the Boolean input to the output, completely bypassing the node.

Ray Type controls

These two columns are ray properties to check for. The first column depends on the type of ray, the second column covers additional properties.

The types of ray are mutually exclusive. A ray can only be on of these type, but not a combination of them:

  • Reflection The current spot is shaded for a reflection.
  • Refraction The current spot is shaded for a refraction.
  • Dissolve The current spot is shaded for a dissolved item.
  • Shadow The current spot is shaded for a shadow ray.
  • Occlusion The current spot is shaded for an occlusion.

The additional properties may be combined. For example, a ray may be a Pre-Process ray that is also a Camera ray.

  • Pre-Process This property is set while LightWave is preprocessing a render.
  • Volumetric This ray is evaluating volumetrics.
  • Radiosity This ray is used to compute radiosity.
  • Caustics This ray is used to compute caustics.
  • Camera This ray comes directly from the camera.
  • Sampled This ray is used to sample surfaces (usually due to soft reflection or refraction).

Check for

  • Some Checks if any of the ray types and properties are set.
  • All Checks if all of the ray types and properties are set. Please not, this will only return a result if, at most, one of the ray types is set. Because a ray will never have more than one type.
  • None This is the opposite of Some and will only return true if none of the types and properties are set for the current ray.

Invert Check

Boolean Operator

Invert Output

Node Connections

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