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Multi-Image Sampler (Preliminary)

This node allows the user to use select one of a list of images dynamically for texturing. One example would be to use an instance ID to randomly texture instances given a list of images.


Background Colour / Blend Mode / Opacity

The three controls define how the texture is composited. They are identical to the controls found in the native texturing nodes.


This defines which of the images in the list is being used to compute the output colour. Usually the index is driven by a value connected to the nodal index input.


If enabled, indices that result in a value between two images will not pick the first respective image, but interpolate between this and the next image.

Relative / Absolute

This defines how the Index is interpreted.

Relative The index should be between 0.0 and 1.0 which will correspond to the start and the end of the image list. This is irrespective of the amount of images in the list.

Absolute The index number will be taken as is. I.e. if the index number is 5, the 6th image in the list will be used (this is because the index is 0 based. I.e. is the index is 0, the first image is used).

Pre Behaviour

Post Behaviour

Image Preview

This displays the image currently selected in the list below.

Image List

This control displays a list of all images used by the node. The top most images has the lowest index (0).

Selecting an image will display it in the preview control.

All other interactions are via two pop-up menus. One is launched by double clicking on an image entry, the other by right clicking anywhere on the control:

LMB double-click menu

This allows you to change the select image to another loaded image, load a new image and select it or change it to (none) - which will treat the list entry as being black with no alpha when rendering.

RMB Menu

This menu can be launch by right clicking anywhere on the list control. Some of the options will only be available if an image is selected in the list.

Move Up
Move Down
Add Image...
Load Image(s)...
Remove Image
Clear all Images

Pixel Blending / Use MipMaps / MipMap Strength

U Tiling / V Tiling

Bump Strength

Node Connections




Projection *


MipMap Strength

Bump Strength







This is the plugin of the month for December 2018, made possible by the finest patrons on Patreon.

We'd like to thank Antti Järvelä from the LightWave 3D Group in helping us figure out the specifics of the bump mapping code in LightWave 3D.

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