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Instance Inspector

This node allows you to use the position, rotation and scale of a specific instance in a node graph. For example, this may be used to drive the position of another item.



This pop-up allows you to pick the instancer to use. Only items with an attached instancer are displayed here.


The index of the instance to inspect.

Instance Picker

Activating this button draws an overlay into the viewport, numbering the instances. You can also click on the pivot of any of the instance to select them as the index to use. The currently selected index is highlighted as well.

For now, please make sure that the picker is only active for one node at a time. Things will get very confusing otherwise.

We're planning a fix to disable all other pickers automatically in future builds.



A integer value designating the index to use.


Please note that all outputs are in world coordinates.


The position of the selected instance.


The scale of the selected instance.


The rotation of the selected instance in HPB.

This plugin is our Christmas present for 2019, made possible by the finest patrons on Patreon.

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