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Spline Toolkit (S-Tk)

A small primer on splines

We tried to be consistent in the naming of the controls and various parts of a spline, so here's a list of the terminology used in this documentation:

  • Knot A knot is a point that defines a spline. The spline will always pass through a knot.
  • Control Point / CP Every knot has two control points, they define the incoming and outgoing shape of the spline at that knot.
  • Span This is the part of a spline between two knots.


Currently the Spline Toolkit includes the following Modules:

Spline Edit (Layout Tool)

Spline Primitive

Spline Evaluation (Node)

Spline Proximity (in Progress, node) - in Development

Spline Motion (Motion Plugin)

Spline Preferences

Please not that the video shows an early version, some features have changed since then (mainly the twist/alignment as well as the preferences).

Utility Plugins

S-Tk includes two utility plugins that can be added to a menu or assigned to a shortcut:

  • db&w Add Spline Adds a Null object and attaches a Spline Primitive to it, effectively creating a new spline object.
  • Open Spline Preferences Opens the Spline Preferences and adds the master plugin to the current scene (if required).


The future development relies on votes by our patrons. A selection of possible module is listed on the Spline Toolkit (S-Tk) Roadmap

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