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Spline Toolkit (S-Tk)

Due to the complexity and breadth, this will be a multi-stage set of plugins. We will try to make sure that a useful addition will be created per month.

However, the first stage will take two months of development to get the foundation right.

Base Stage (in development)

A new Primitive Type1) will be developed, called “db&w Spline”.

Initially this will host a Bezier Spline2) which can be open or closed. When selected, it can be edited using a Gizmo3).

Internally, the splines will be managed using a global plugin4) to allow other plugins to discover and use the splines.

To make the spline useful, we'll add a motion plugin as well as an evaluation node that can be used for motion node graphs.

The spline will be static - the control points can not be animated at this stage.

Due to the complexity of getting the architecture right, The Base Stage will be a two months project on Patreon.

Following the base stage, and of the following modules may be added in any order.

Module 1 - Animatable splines

This adds envelopes to the spline controls points and handles and updates the gizmo to allow for keyframing the points and handles.

Module 2 - More Spline types

This adds CSplines (the ones used by default for LightWave envelopes) as well as B-Splines. Splines can be converted, but only the control points are translated. The shape of the curves will change.

Module 3 - Smarter Beziers

Allows for designating a control point as being smooth or hard, this will also be taken into account if the spline is animated.

Module 4 - Deform

Adds a node and a deformer plugin to deform a mesh along a spline.

Module 5 - Proximity Node

A node that computes the closest distance to a spline, this can be used for shading.

Module 6 - Renderable Splines

Allows for splines to be rendered.


  • Constraining the spline editor to “background” geometry.
  • Convert Nulls to Splines and vice versa
Just like Shapes and OpenVDB items
that's the ones with handles
a part of the LW SDK that allows for interacting with items in the viewports
essentially a library that can be used by multiple plugins
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