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We recommend removing any previous versions in the LightWave 3D plug-in editor and re-adding the current one to make sure that all new plugins are available.

Version 2019.09.11

  • S-Tk: Fixed the spline edit tool crashing then a spline with no knots is closed.

Version 2019.08.27

  • S-Tk: Fixed various issues with the evaluation and draw caches not always updating as expected while editing a spline.

Version 2019.08.25

  • S-Tk: Added the Spline Displacement (Node) to the Plugin of the Month.
    • Fixed an issue where mis-clicking while the Spline Edit tool was active would select another item.

Version 2019.08.20

  • S-Tk: Added the Plugin of the Month: Spline Proximity (node).
    • Added an option to display the “shadow” of the selected spline in the Spline Preferences
    • Added an option to save the current settings as defaults in the Spline Preferences. This are stored in the LW config directory.
    • Some performance tweaks to when the spline primitive pre-computes caches.

Version 2019.08.08a

  • S-Tk: Fixed an issue of the spline editor crashing if an item that doesn't contain a spline was selected and some various operations were performed.

Version 2019.08.08

  • S-Tk: Changes to alignment and the edit tool:
    • Twist is gone, the alignment is now controlled using an up vector that can be edited
    • Due to changes in how the alignment is computed, the evaluation steps setting is gone now.
    • A bug the caused the evaluation per span not to work as expected has been fixed
    • While editing a spline using the Layout Tool, a new spline can be selected for editing. Caution: This clears the undo stack!
    • Changed the prefs by adding a tab for selected and deselected splines. The alignment drawing can be selected for each of these states.
    • Some sample scenes have been created for the Spline Toolkit. The link is included in the mails sent to patrons.

Version 2019.08.03

  • S-Tk: The first stage of the Spline Toolkit is included:
    • Now it works on macOS as well
    • There's a whole section on the wiki dedicated to it: https://wiki.db-w.com/tools/s-tk/start
    • Known issues: Orientation along the spline is still wonky and requires a second look and more thought.
  • Channel Blender now has the option to swap channel components around
  • Scene Comment is back and now it's using LW's internal text editor component.

Version 2019.07.03

  • Added a button to the respective documentation in the wiki to all plugins that display the db&w Tools logo in the GUI.
  • Added Preview version of S-tk - More information is available here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/update-first-s-28101403
  • Added dbwTools.cfg, which can be imported as a menu branch in the Layout Menu Editor.

Version 2019.05.28

  • Added matrix operations to X-Maths, this is the release version.

Version 2019.05.20

  • Added the first version of X-Maths: X-Maths Matrix operations will be added as well
  • Fixed an issue in the Multi-Switcher nodes where inputs got lost when copying a node.

Version 2019.05.01

  • Final version of the three Multi-Switcher nodes, the Plugin of the Month for April. The documentation is available here: Scalar/Vector/Material Multi-Switcher
  • Added the “Get Automatic Size” as a bonus plugin for you supporting us for six months on Patreon. The documentation is available here: Get Automatic Size

Version 2019.04.22

  • Added at the initial version of the three Multi-Switcher nodes, the Plugin of the Month for April.
  • Fixed a multi-threading issue evaluating envelopes in the variable nodes while rendering (this is only relevant if the Time input is used).

Version 2019.04.02

  • Includes the final release of the UV Distort tool for Modeler. Select a UV map, select some geometry, activate the tool and work away in a UV view.
    • a right click will recall the last settings used by the tool during the current modelling session.
    • there is a glitch in the GUI sizing code, due to a bug in LW. Changing the size of the panel will fix it.
    • The documentation will be added to the wiki soon.
  • Fixed an issue in the Luminosity gamma of all simple colour correction tools, which could lead to a hang while rendering.

Version 2019.03.19

  • Includes the first preview version of the UV Distort tool for Modeler. Select a UV map, select some geometry, activate the tool and work away in a UV view.
  • Includes the Motion Vector Node for the OD Houdini Shelf Tools
  • various small fixes

Version 2019.03.01

  • This build included the final version of the Multi-Image Sampler
  • Multi-Image Sampler: Added a TileValue output which can be used to mask other tools.
  • Multi-Image Sampler: Exposed the Noise Frequency for better control of the randomness.
  • Multi-Image Sampler: Replaced the Probability vector with three different envelopes.
  • Multi-Image Sampler and other nodes that display images in the GUI: Transparent images will now be displayed in front of a checkerboard.

Version 2019.02.26

  • macOS only: As of this version, the minimum requirement for the db&w Tools is macOS 10.11 (El Capitan) or higher.
  • Added the preview version of the plugin of the month for February 2019, the Random Image Mapper node.
    Preliminary documentation is available here: Random Image Mapper
  • Multi-Image Sampler: Bump now takes the alpha channel of the image into account.
  • Multi-Image Sampler: The list now works in LightWave 3D 2019
  • Multi-Image Sampler: Minor tweaks to the GUI
  • Single Light Lambert: When selecting no light, all lights are used again.

Version 2019.01.28

  • Final version of the Logic Nodes for January 2019, mainly GUI fixes since 2019.01.23
  • Windows only: Render Priority can now detect if VPR is active and will optionally change the priority then as well.

Version 2019.01.23 *Preview*

Version 2019.01.02

Version 2018.12.18

  • Fixed an issue where the Multi-Image Sampler would crash if the first image was removed from the list.

Version 2018.12.17

Version 2018.12.03a

Version 2018.11.19

  • Changed the version naming to be Year-Month-Day as we'll have more builds due to the Patreon
  • Added “Simple” and “Chaos” methods to the Tonemapper for #ThankYouPatrons
  • Added the first version of the Triplanar Mixer

Version 2018.0.4

  • Added Render Priority for Windows only.

Version 2018.0.3

  • Rewrite of the Single Light Shader node to use the new lighting system.

Version 2018

The first version for LightWave 2018 (only) removing or replacing incompatible plugins.

Legacy versions

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