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Render Audio Notifier (Windows)

This master handler plugin allows you to assign sounds to specific events.

Supported events are:

  • Starting Frame Render
  • Frame Rendered
  • Starting Render
  • Render Done
  • Scene Loaded
  • Scene Saved

You can use “Control Panel/Sounds and Audio Devices” in Windows to assign sounds to these events.

Please Note

Due to a missing key in the registry, the 32bit version of the notifier may not play back sounds on 64-bit versions of Windows.

We've included two registry files to add that missing key. If you don't hear assigned sounds on 64-bit windows from 32-bit LW, you should install either of them (or edit them to suite):

Wow64_MediaPath_C.reg : Sets the media search path to C:\WINDOWS\Media (the default for a normal Windows installation)

Wow64_MediaPath_D.reg : Sets the media search path to D:\WINDOWS\Media

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