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Known limitations and Issues

Supported image formats

FrameD loads images by using the image loading plugins for LightWave 3D directly. IFF is however not loaded by plugins and thus not supported by frameD.

Images with colour palettes are currently not supported.

Pixel aspect ratios other than 1 are only partially supported at the moment (ignored by the editor, passed through by the frameD loader).

Since infiniMap uses a completely different approach to managing images, by-passing the imaging pipeline of LightWave 3D completely, it will not work in combination with frameD. However, both may certainly be used at the same time.

Support for colour spaces

If OpenGL colour correction is enabled, then the preview image in the editor will be corrected as well. However, since the frameD editor doesn't support colour correction yet 1), this may result in washed out images.

This does not affect the ability to apply colour spaces to a frameD sequence when loading it into LightWave 3D. This is still possible via the global options or per sequence in the image editor.

Image cache

Cached images are not automatically updated in the memory cache if the image changes on disk.

Instances of frameD .xfd/.ifl sequences

Due to issues within the image instancing system in LightWave 3D (that is, instancing/referencing in the image editor) we don't recommend cloning instances of .xdf or .ifl sequences 2). However, it is easy enough to rename a .xfd or .ifl file and load that instead. Since the image cache is shared, and thus works across all .xfd or .ifl files that are loaded in a scene, there will be a small performance hit only.

Exporting IFL files

Since the IFL specifications are rather limited, there should be no spaces in the image names as well as the path from the exported .ifl file to the images.

For speed and memory reasons. Actually both: The editor would either need to store images twice or linearise images on-the fly every time they are displayed.
One reason would be to extract the alpha channel from the clone of a sequence
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