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exrTrader has been thoroughly tested in production by us and our trusty beta testers. The main features of exrTrader are:

  • standard LightWave Loader supporting RGBA, does not require a license.
  • standard LightWave Savers, supporting all save-able image types except for palletized images, does not require a license.
  • a scene type master plugin for setting the image saver options, which are saved in the scene file.
  • a dummy saver to enable network render managers to find saved files for success checks.
  • an image filter plugin that allows to save arbitrary buffers to a single OpenEXR file that:
    • either uses a custom output file, or the RGB output file defined in the render globals.
    • supports all compression schemes defined by OpenEXR including lossy schemes.
    • supports all output buffers generated by LightWave and exposed through the SDK.
    • supports buffers that may consist of one (i.e. Depth), two (i.e. Motion), three (i.e. RGB) or more channels.
    • offers separate naming options for channels and buffers in the OpenEXR file, this will translate to buffer.channel as defined in the OpenEXR specs. Either may be blank.
    • supports different pixel types per channel.
    • offers the processing of buffers (invert, min, max, scale, offset).
    • supports OpenEXR metadata, including aspect ratio, comments, previews.
    • data window support (for limited region renders).
    • optional un-multiplication by the image alpha
    • advanced preset system with “default” presets and custom preset directories
  • network rendering support.
  • plugins consist of one file per platform.
  • Cryptomatte support in exrTrader Pro
  • “Q Approved!” and SWELL.
  • Support for LightWave 3D metadata.
  • Options to customize the export to match a variety of compositing workflows.
  • Additionally save single buffers using any image format supported by LightWave 3D
  • File and buffer names may contain variables that are replaced with the current values when saving.
  • Support for naming the files created by stereoscopic rendering.
  • Automatic creation of a data window within the exr files to speed up loading and filters in compositing applications that support a DoD. This is transparent to most other applications.
  • A custom image viewer to inspect individual buffers
  • free point upgrades, free support, free beer 1).
O.k., we're still joking about the beer…
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