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Basic OpenEXR Loader and Saver Plugins

exrTrader includes basic LightWave image loader and saver plugins that allow you to load and save OpenEXR images in any part of LightWave that loads and saves images.

These are included in exrTrader for free, and may be used freely without registering exrTrader.

To change the settings for the OpenEXR Saver, we've included a Layout Master plugin that can be saved with any scene to change the saving options.

OpenEXR Settings

OpenEXR Settings is a Scene Master plugin that gets saved with a Lightwave3D scene.

It allows you to control the settings used by the OpenEXR saver, since a Lightwave3D image saver does not have a way to display an options panel. The available settings are:


This defines the compression method used by the saver. Please refer to the previous section on this subject for details.

Pixel Format

The defines the pixel format for saving. Again, please refer to the previous Pixel Format documentation for details.

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