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-====== UV Distort (Preliminary) ======+====== UV Distort ======
 +{{ :tools:uv_distort_v01.png?500|}}
 +UV Distort is a tool to distort UV coordinates using simple corner pinning. One use case is matching UV coordinates to a texture image of an item with perspective distortion.
 +===== Basic Use =====
 +To use the tool, make sure you have a working Texture map selected in the bottom right of the Modeler user interface.
 +Select points, edges or polygons, make sure that one of the viewports shows the UV Texture view. Then activate the tool.
 +It will draw a bounding box around the selected vertices in the UV View. The four handles in the corners can now be moved to distort the UV values.
 +The selected (yellow) handle can also be nudged using the cursor keys.
 +Pressing the right mouse button will recall the settings from the last time the tool was used (within the current modelling session).
 +[[https://www.patreon.com/dbw|{{  ::become_a_patron_button.png?nolink|}}]]
 +This is the plugin of the month for March 2019, made possible by the finest patrons on [[https://www.patreon.com/dbw|Patreon]].
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