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 ^Vector =^Description^ ^Vector =^Description^
-|A + B| +|A + B|Adds two vectors
-|A - B| +|A - B|Subtracts vector B from A
-|A * B| +|A * B|Multiplies the components of two vectors
-|A / B| +|A / B|Divides the components of A by the components of B| 
-|A x B (cross product)| +|A x B (cross product)|Computes the cross product between two vectors, this results in a vector perpendicular to both of them|  
-|A * X| +|A * X|Multiplies a vector by a scalar
-|A / X| +|A / X|Divides a vector by a scalar
-|normalize(A)| +|normalize(A)|Normalises vector A
-|A * M|+|A * M|Multiplies a vector by a matrix|
 ===== Matrix Computations ===== ===== Matrix Computations =====
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